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The Dog Napper - Scouring the internet for a daily dose of dogs!

Bath lovers and haters

100% bath lover

100% bath hater

another soap dodger here

100% soap lover

This guy prefers showers

Wet puppy tries to escape

"lemmie out, im all wet, sniffle"

Bulldog pups

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd!

Now show us that pretty little smile........

Unbearably cute dog napping!


Levitating Labrador puppy

NB: This image has not been edited in any way, the puppy is obviously levitating.
WARNING: *Do NOT try this at home*

Cute Dachshund pup

Beautiful little Dachshund, he looks so sad - just needs a big hug! :)

via Neville_S

Afternoon nap

ZZzz ;)

Shiba Inu vertigo

I'm not scared of heights!

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